Thursday, January 04, 2007

The BA Shuttle and Buenos Aires

Flying the flag with pride. Turning right onboard unfortunately. And then walking for 10 minutes!

Arrived at Buenos Aires to be greeted by someone who is surely being wound up?

So, I was wrong about the "only being one airport" thing. Good job I discovered in plenty of time, enough in fact to pop into town to my old haunt, Cafe Tortoni, via an ice-cream to help me along the busy pedestrianised Florida Street.

I know there's an obesity problem, but surely more tact could be employed?

My secret reason for going to Cafe Tortoni, in addition to their Chocolate con Churros, which they were out of, was that it has free wifi. Only issue being that my laptop had 10 minutes battery left. Gah! And power points are not to be found in BA for love nor money. Should have bought that solar panel gimmick thing I was considering back in the UK!

Packed with old ladies and me enjoying afternoon tea and cake

So am now at Aeroparque airport, perched in a corner using the *quite literally* only powerpoint I've found in the whole terminal. Nowhere near a café unfortunately. So tonight I'll be in Comodoro Rivadavia, then from there I think I'll be busing it West to, err, not sure yet. Maybe Perito Moreno, or perhaps it will have to be somewhere further North, which may not be overly convenient. I have the impression I may be spending a significant portion of the next couple of months on buses! Which is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing of course!

Status Report
Current book: Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder. Effectly a philosophy primer. So far at least.

Current music of choice: Sia (lead singer of Zero 7). That and some Aim (hiphop from Cumbria) that I pinched off Mei's Ipod, hence no proper filenames. ZPRQ.mp3 is particularly good.

Current drink of choice: Cappuccino SINE crema (they still put cream on it even if you explicitly specify, but you get less)

Current airline of choice: BA of course, even after losing a few more points today for not insisting LAN commission a lounge in this domestic airport I'm in (for my benefit)! Okay I shouldn't be too hard on them for this particular issue.

Current food of choice: Pasta. Had enough meat for a while, though presumably it is fairly inevitable in Argentina anyway.

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