Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blogger Blocked in China

It would seem that Blogger is blocked in China, along with countless other sites (BBC News etc). In light of this, and so I don't get myself into trouble, there will be no more updates until I'm in HK on the 18th October. Here's my schedule in China:

6th Kathmandu -> Lhasa -> Chengdu
7th Chengdu
8th Chengdu ->Xian
9th Xian
10th Xian -> Nanjing
11th Nanjing
12th Nanjing
13th Beijing
14th Beijing
15th Beijing
16th Beijing -> Shanghai
17th Shanghai
18th Hong Kong
19th Hong Kong

20th Johannesburg
23rd Cape Town

Safe travels, and in the mean time, here's a sign Zac found in Huan Hua Brook Park nearby here in Chengdu to keep you amused or confused:

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