Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eurostar and London

Today is the day! I’m coming home, after 510 days on the road. So, from well-organised clean Köln Hauptbahnhof, I take the nice German ICE train 16 at 8:44am to Brussels Midi, crossing the border at Aachen, and arriving at 11:01, giving me an hour before my Eurostar to collect tickets. London in the afternoon..

Brussels Midi station is a complete mess, and it takes me almost the whole hour I have to connect to pick up tickets and get on the train. UK Immigration was a particular chore. It’s good to have things to moan about again!

The ticket

The perfect place to have a coffee in Brussels before heading home..

Here we go..

What a tourist.. photo of the train!

The ride isn’t very exciting, Eurostar economy is much worse than TrenItalia or DB, cramped, no power, looked dated etc. And the new route into London isn’t as exciting as expected, its all underground! New station is nice though.

London St Pancras!

Pippi, who is my cousin for those of you who didn’t know this (!), meets me and buys me lunch before it’s back to Tom’s in West Hampstead.


Met Line home. I’ve forgotten how to use the tube, I nearly jump out at Baker Street.

Life is back to usual

Tom welcomes me with a choice of beer or tea. After a cup of tea (of course), its time.. to the pub!

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