Monday, June 02, 2008

Nibbles and Grandma D

Baker and Spice
Visited with Sandy. Very nice, like a mini version of Whole Foods in Barkers! We also have Vicky’s Blah Blah Blah, Cafe Rouge, and Raoul's Café in my little strip in Clifton Road.

Yummy cakes

Roast veg salads

Yes, I've made my first cheese. Quite easy really - two pints of milk, a pinch of salt, 10 drops of rennet, a bit of heating and thermometer trickery to get the milk the right temperature, then later straining through a hanky and then leaving to dry.

My first cheese

It tastes good! Watch this space for more adventures along similar lines.

Seamus and Helen invited me along to their son’s Christening in a Catholic church in South Ealing. It did occur to me that I put up with an awful lot of religion for Seamus’ sake, but it’s always good to see the Sloyans, a new bit of London (I took an overland train from Paddington to Ealing Broadway then a bus), and the Hog Roast promised at the reception may have also been a temptation!

Good food at Seamus and Helen’s son Thomas’ Christening

The Hog Roast

Mark Beech Folk and Ale Festival
Leaving the reception to go to this “festival” was a mistake. Getting there involved a long tube journey from Northfields to Charing Cross, a train to London Bridge, then another train to Cowden. Alighting alone at the station, I set off on a 25 minute walk along country lanes between cows. On arrival at the Kentish Horse in Mark Beech I discovered that of the two additional beers they’d laid on for the “festival”, one was off already. Not impressed!!

Cow Lane in Cowden

Still, the music was interesting, if a bit quirky, and any place that serves cheesy chips can’t be all that bad. Last train (10pm) back to London, and an interesting end to the evening involving most pubs in Norwood Junction and buses to Crystal Palace and goodness knows where else to get home!

Grandma Daphne

Gran on the beers

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