Thursday, September 25, 2008

Music and Spice

King's Place

Next week a new privately-funded concert hall and venue will open near King's Cross. Called King's Place, they kick off with a week of back to back concerts starting at 8:30am in the morning, for 2UKP50 a ticket if booked online. It's mostly classical music, but there's jazz too, and the centre hosts other arts. Watch this space!

Angeles Restaurant
Finally visited Angeles Sichuan Restaurant in Kilburn last week. Just near Kilburn tube, it's a restaurant of two halves. One half is a cheapo Chinese buffet, with buckets of sweet and sour and all that rubbish. The other side is full of Chinese people enjoying traditional Sichuan dishes at very reasonable prices.

We had Ma Po Tofu which was fabulous, Ultra-spicy fried chicken (something like that) which the waiter tried to steer us away from, but of course I was having none of that. He returned with, basically, a large bowl of chopped chilli, into which if you digged, occasional bits of fried chicken still on bone would appear.

I will not tell you where this image was stolen from

Other dishes looked great but there's only so much you can eat in one session. Yummy! I will be back soon!

This guy (link to random blog) has been there too and seems to have the reverse opinion about the dishes I liked and didn't, but he has much better photos than my useless cameraphone could manage!

And yes.. they use those crazy peppercorns!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thanks for linking to my random blog. Yes, it seems we disagreed about the mapo tofu, but does this mean you disliked all the other dishes I liked (e.g., dry fried green beans, hot pot, dan dan noodles)?

In any event, I enjoyed reading your impressions. I like Angeles and wished I got up to Kilburn more often to eat there.

Sam Crawley said...

Hehe, apologies for the "random" comment - never actually considered that you would pick it up! (Wow, someone apart from my family reading my blog, who would have thought?!)

Anyway, I have to say I didn't try the green beans but based on your photo I certainly will be trying them next time, they look delicious. And hotpot I'm saving until it gets a bit colder! I'll link to you in a non-random way again next time I go there with further reports!

Best wishes - Sam

Zac said...

Yum! Making me hungry. Let's go when I'm back in London (soon).

Anonymous said...

hey I visited that Angeles Sichuan restaurant few times too when I stayed at Edward's place at Kilburn! It's indeed a decent Sichuan restaurant, even I have visited so many nice Sichuan restaurants in Hong Kong!

now whenever I have Sichuan food I think of you....I dun have many frds who enjoy having Sichuan food as much as you do....