Sunday, December 07, 2008

Awopbopaloobop and TeaSmith

Visited the Transition Gallery in Bethnal Green this afternoon to see the wonderfully-named Awopbopaloobop Exhibition. The idea is art inspired by music, so one tours the 60 or so paintings with an index which explains the lyrics which are behind the art. The quality was very variable, as were the prices - I was astounded at the high prices - from 100 to several thousand pounds for what was on the whole rather amateur. Still, there were a few gems there, although I certainly wouldn't pay the asking price for any of them! In fact.. if you can't beat 'em, I'm off to buy a few new brushes!! Awopbopaloobop is on 'til 21st December.

By Jane Wilmot

They call me her / They call me Jane / That's not my name.
From That's Not My Name, The Ting Tings.


TeaSmith is a tea shop in Spitalfields that I cribbed off Mei's blog. They're very friendly and they have a nice, albeit not overwhelming, selection of teas, mostly of the oriental variety, although I did spot the odd Assam and Darjeeling creeping in too. After browsing for a while, including examining their nice but pricey accessories, fancy Japanese tea-pots and thesuchlike, we settled down on the stools for a brew.

Pippi had Mandarin something, a green tea, and I had a darker Red Taiwan. Both very nice, especially with Matcha Shortbread, which created a curiously apple crumble-like taste in the mouth. As you drink the tea they brew the leaves two or even three times, which if you're being observant brings out subtle differences in the flavours. Recommended if you're in the area, for shopping or just a cuppa!

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