Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Latitude Puzzle

Google Latitude is the next big thing in Mobile technology.. knowing where your friends are relative to your position.. all sorts of interesting (and frightening) applications here.

But it doesn't work on my HTC Oxygen with zfree WM 6.1 firmware and I've had no responses on my Google Help thread here. I have to fix this before Herrington finds out!

What have I tried?
1. Not being stupid and am typing in the password correctly :)
2. Google Maps is fully functional otherwise
3. Can get to and log in successfully to the Google Accounts SSL page
4. Running the latest version of Maps without any GPS functionality enabled (or even present on my rusty old HTC Oxygen!)
5. No permissions exist regarding the network connection.
6. Tried a regular gmail account, with and without the "" domain
7. Tried my custom domain Google Apps account, with the domain obviously
8. Tried disconnecting cellular data connection before firing up Latitude (to let it establish its own connection).
9. Tried the random bizarre suggestions like logging in and out of Maps repeatedly etc, listed in other discussions.

Ideas anyone?

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