Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Planning Continued

Am currently working out my South American schedule. It's complicated! Will be coming out of winter when I get down there, so it's fairly early to attempt Patagonia - particularly slightly harder treks like the Round Paine Circuit. On the other hand, the books seem to imply that Central Andes (Peru/Bolivia) is best visited May through September, with it getting increasingly rainy from October onwards. Feb - April are supposed to be horribly waterlogged and best avoided! So do I go to Central first? Here's my vague central schedule:


Huaraz (gateway town for next two treks)
Santa Cruz Trek - 4days
Cordillera Huayhuash Circuit - 12days

Huacachina 1-2day(these three suggested by Ralf)
Nazca/desert 1days
Arequipa 1day

Train to Pisco
Lake Titicaca
Cusco (Q says this is for those who like Crowded House!)
Inca Trail - 4days (or maybe Mollepata to Macchu Picchu Trek - 7days - to avoid forced guide Inca Trail tourist stuff)
Copacabana to Isla del Sol Trek - 3days

La Paz

Still working on Patagonia, but I think it's gonna involve Round Paine Circuit and Fitz Roy. More later...

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South America, lock up your daughters.