Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Impossible to post!

My esteemed readers,

Im currently in the north of Ethiopia, visiting such marvels as Gonder, Axum, Lalibela, Bahir Dar, the Simien Mountains, and perhaps the Danakar Depression. However, there is not a single broadband connection in town (Bahir Dar), and the Blogger website will not even load over dialup, especially when its shared with 5 other people in a café, so youll just have to wait. The trek report is written. Its coming. But not yet. And certainly not with photos!

Incidentally, a schedule update:

I am leaving dear Africa on 12th February, with Emirates via Dubai to Amman, to visit Petra.

Will spend about a week going through to Istanbul, another week to Athens and on to Italy, then another week to England.

See you all soon..

Samuel Gizza Job Crawley

P.S. Im posting this via email, in case you are puzzled over the contradictory headline.


Anonymous said...

Chap, I am an obsessive Turkey fan (perhaps you knew), so pleased you'll be travelling through. A lot of East Turkey is *very* cold in winter because of the altitude, so if you're coming up via Syria pack appropriately. Best info on the web is at

Anonymous said...

no excuse, post the whole thing by email!!