Friday, January 18, 2008

Scuba Babies

Dive: Hunga, Nungwi, Zanzibar

Another day

East Africa’s Dive Centre

On to the boat

Haven’t we forgotten some people?

The Spiel: Only a short boat ride from our dive centre, Hunga reefs offer 3 different divesites at a depth from 12m to 18m. There is a huge variety of Reef fish, some stunning coral formations, Crocodile fish, Stone- and Scorpion fish and many different kind of Flatworms and Nudibranches. Hunga reefs are also ideal for the not so experienced diver and beginners. A truly beautiful divesite on a flat sandy bottom.

So we actually saw – crocodile fish, a blue-spotted ray, schools of yellow snappers, mantis shrimps, big groupers, a fair few small nudibranches, and plenty of nice coral. Overall though I felt there was more to see yesterday, even in the strong current.

In between dives, we are offered a marvellous selection of biscuits, no less than three varieties, but sadly no tea to wash them down with, and sea water just doesn’t cut it!


Interestingly, one sees lots of locals just snorkelling along fishing – I’m not sure if they’re spear fishing or dragging a net. From the boat they’re quite difficult to spot!

Dive: Coral Garden, Nungwi, Zanzibar
CHAKA TUNI: A long streching coral formation at a depth of 20m with many reef fish, sometimes a turtle and some great soft and hard corals. Ideal for beginners and coral fans. Coral Gardens are the extension of Chaka Tuni, beautiful coral and many of the reef fish of the Indian Ocean

Very salty but oh so clear water

On this shallow dive we had a beautiful turtle circle round us before swimming off, saw a large lobster hiding under a rock, and as the name of the site implies, some nice coral.

Back at the Dive Centre, chatting with Michel, who runs East Africa Dive Co, he observes that after seven years living here, he now finds shops very confusing in Germany, as there is such an amazing variety. Apart from places like Zanzibar Town which have swanky shops for tourists, most of Africa is served by shops which all sell the same small selection of goods – toothpaste, noodles (not that anyone seems to eat noodles), and a few other bits and pieces – the essentials I suppose. Doesn’t make shopping into an experience to particularly anticipate with glee.

I go for a beer with Norbert, my buddy from the dive, who is from Wurzburg in Germany. Again, we admire the local scenery:

On the way back to my hotel, I bump into Yasmin, the beautiful Kenyan Girl, she’s on the beach on her day off as a Divemaster! I query this – surely you’d try to find mountains or something if you work in the sea, but no, she loves it enough to want to spend all her time about the ocean. Misty eyes…

In the evening I have a Thai style curry, which well, wasn’t really Thai style, and wasn’t much of a curry. Beer was consistent at least. And what do you know – mid-dinner I discover evidence of extra-terrestrial activity over the Indian Ocean! You saw it here first!!:

Sunset started off innocently enough, yes?

Quite beautiful. But suddenly..

All your base are belong to us!

No doubting it

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