Sunday, February 24, 2008

England 24 - France 13

Ahh, I am a happy boy today. I "watched" the 6nations rugby game by clicking refresh repeatedly on the BBC Sport 606 webpage, which I wouldn't recommend to others, you do miss something of the atmosphere. Still, the right result!

Last day in Istanbul, I have a train leaving from Istanbul Sirkeci Station tonight at 8:30pm, an overnight sleeper to Thessaloniki in Greece, where I'll change on to an Intercity to Athens, arriving tomorrow mid-afternoon.

So now I'm going to visit a couple of palaces, Topkapi and Dolmabahce, and buy a few nibbles for the train. Full Istanbul report this afternoon. Here's my schedule for the rest of my trip:

Sun 24-Feb-08 Istanbul to Thessaloniki
Mon 25-Feb-08 Thessaloniki to Athens (arr 15:16)
Tue 26-Feb-08 Athens
Wed 27-Feb-08 Athens
Thu 28-Feb-08 Athens (Larissa) to Patras (3.5 hours journey via Kiato)
Fri 29-Feb-08 Ferry to Venice, Minoan Lines, 36 hours
Sat 01-Mar-08 Ferry arrives 8am
Sun 02-Mar-08 Venice
Mon 03-Mar-08 Venice
Tue 04-Mar-08 Florence, stay in Fiesole
Wed 05-Mar-08 Florence
Thu 06-Mar-08 Rome
Fri 07-Mar-08 Rome
Sat 08-Mar-08 Rome to Vienna
Sun 09-Mar-08 Vienna to Prague
Mon 10-Mar-08 Prague to Wurzburg
Tue 11-Mar-08 Wurzburg
Wed 12-Mar-08 Wurzburg to Brussels daytime train
Thu 13-Mar-08 Brussels, Eurostar 11:45 to: LONDON ST.PANCREAS 1pm


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