Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine’s Day

Mei Mei: If I leave you someday… would you look for me? Like Mardar?
Mei Mei: Would you look for me forever?
Mei Mei: Your whole life?
Mei Mei: You’re lying. Things like that only happen in love stories.

- From Lou Ye’s beautiful film Suzhou River (Su Zhou He), 2000.

Well, did you always know I’d never be right?
You’re taking your time to put on the brake light.
What if the days draw in, and you haven’t found your one
Will you come back and see if I could be someone?

- From Monkey Swallow’s The Universe’s Little Polveir on The Casket Letters.

I’ve had my share of peccadilloes, but the truth is women just get in the damn way!
- HW Tilman

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