Friday, October 17, 2008

Fox Cottage in Aldborough

Aldborough Village in Norfolk

My family are lucky to have a cottage up in Aldborough in Norfolk, which is where I've spent the past week. It's a pretty village with a few hundred residents, two pubs, one of which I wholeheartedly recommend (The Red Lion), a shop, a post office, a school, a couple of churches, a town hall, and that's about it!

Fox Cottage

The cottage itself is lovely, thanks largely to the efforts of my parents and brothers (I have to confess I contributed little to the original restoration), but has one big issue. It's a bloomin' fridge! The ambient temperature inside the cottage is inexplicably several degrees cooler than out. Why? I have no idea, but the electric blanket is about survival rather than comfort here!

The other reason to head up to Fox, in addition to preserving food without needing a fridge, is to see my Grandfather, Clifford Crawley. Grandpa is 86, and is still in good shape, living in Sheringham, and eating ice-cream far more often than is advisable for anyone of any age!

Grandpa Cliff Crawley

Cliff has such fantastic stories, having travelled around the world on a merchant navy ship after the end of the war, stopping off in ports in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, playing the piano in Buenos Aires and New York and anywhere else they were allowed to disembark for a beer! It was the RTW trip long before it was trendy.

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