Friday, October 17, 2008

London Film Festival

Yay, film fest is on! As usual there's a fantastic catalogue stuff full of enticing descriptions of films, almost all of which I'd love to see given time and money. Yesterday evening I saw Tulpan, a 2008 film directed by Sergey Dvortsevoy, set in the Kazakh steppe, a barren desert region where people lead a nomadic life herding. Asa, the star of the film, finds life frustrating living with his sister and her husband, but he is repeatedly rebuffed by the only single girl around, Tulpan, who doesn't like his big ears.

Best laugh from the audience came when to prove that his ears weren't too big, he produced an A3 picture of Prince Charles, apparently "an American prince", as a reference. The film has a lot of animal husbandry action, but is an endearing and amusing portrait of a young Kazakh man and his dreams of making it big.

The London Film Festival runs until October 30th. I strongly recommend you try to see some of the offerings.

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