Monday, November 30, 2009

Maharaja at the V and A

Maharaja, meaning "Great King", is the title of the V&A's current blockbuster exhibition. I visited with Surbjit who had possibly obtained tickets via Ernst and Young, one of the key sponsors.

It was interesting to learn about the splendour of the Indian royal courts, and to see everything from priceless ancient crafts to custom-ordered Rolls Royces! The maharajas certainly led an interesting life, wore some of the finest moustaches mankind has ever seen, and of course their wealth led to extravagance but also much investment in the arts, with beautiful paintings, jewelry, and of course the finest cricket pitches! Many of the artifacts have been lent from India’s royal collections for the first time.

The exhibition covers early 18th to the mid-20th century, a time when the Maharajas role was changing and of course with British involvement in the Raj (which means rule) affecting social change across Indian society.

Open till 21.30 on Friday, it's not cheap but try to catch the exhibition before it closes on the 17th January.

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