Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You Don't Have a Clue - Röyksopp

Anneli Drecker

Ah the sweet bliss of Röyksopp! The Norwegian duo played Shepherd's Bush Empire last week, supported by their vocalists Robyn and Anneli Drecker.


Here's, err, as much of the set list as I can remember, there may be some I missed:

1. Royksopp Forever
2. This Must Be It
3. The Girl and the Robot
4. So Easy
5. What Else Is There?
5. Happy Up Here
6. Tricky Tricky
7. Eple
8. Poor Leno

What a set list, eh? I couldn't make it much better if I designed it myself.

Another crazy costume

The room darkened before the duo of Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge, aka Röyksopp entered, one of them wearing a huge plastic spherical astronaut style helmet on his head. They opened with the instrumental "Röyksopp Forever" which cut into "This Must Be It", one of my favourites from the new album Junior. To my delight, Anneli Drecker appeared, wearing a strange costume, which turned out to be the theme of the party, with her wearing different costumes all the way through.


It really made the gig having Anneli and Robyn there with their incredible vocals. If anything I was amazed that what they produced was so close to the album versions, with only minor improvisation except for intros and banter. It was clear that the Röyksopp duo were really having a good time, although they described the gig as "sweaty" on their blog later!

Do you recognise this beat?

They introduced a song by saying “Maybe you remember this rhythm… it goes like this” and started drumming on the drum pads.. within seconds the audience twigged that it was the rhythm of Eple, one of their classics, and the audience went wild!

Torbjørn Brundtland


The encores were of a new song that I didn't recognise and seemed to be the weakest song of the evening, and of course the classic Poor Leno, the same way they ended years ago when I saw them at Marble Hill.

Overall the gig was fantastic and a fantastic repost to those who claim that Röyksopp is just ambient chillout. This is dance music through and through, and the Empire full of people getting down to it was confirmation enough!

Röyksopp forever!
(PS Photos were "borrowed" from Crazybobbles without permission, sorry!)

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