Saturday, August 12, 2006

Airport "Terror" Disruption

Can someone explain to my exactly why flights are still being cancelled? I understand the whole "big queues at security" thing, but what excuse do British Airways, and in particular Ryanair and Easyjet have for cancelling flights now? Seems to be to be a way of getting out of running flights and presumably demanding compensation from the Government, i.e. us, the taxpayer. To be fair to Easyjet, they say they should be running a full schedule today. Ryanair, however, expect to cancel 1 in 5 flights! Is this their normal pisspoor service? Bastards!

Snippet from the BBC: "Confusion over the new restrictions extended into the cabin when a hostess asked passengers to switch off mobile phones and was met by loud laughter from the passengers, none of whom had been allowed to bring theirs aboard."


Sam Crawley said...

Update: apparently it's evil BAA behind it all. They have asked all airlines to cancel 20-30% of flights today, because they don't have the ability to security scan people. I.e. the cheapskates are skimping on paying for enough people to do the checks. Not amused!

Sam Crawley said...

Have written to Glenda, our local MP. Don't suppose it will make much difference, especially with them being on recess at the mo..