Thursday, August 03, 2006

Great British Beer Festival, Bike and Bent

Visited the GBBF on Tuesday. Always good fun. Ralfy, my father, Jens and Katrina came too. Tried 40 to 50 ales, but nothing stood out. Top Totty from Eccleshall Brewery in Stafford again potentially the favourite of the evening, as it has been most years, except when East Street Cream from RCH Brewery knocked it off top spot. Will wants me to go back tonight... well it is only once a year after all :)

Am feeling quite happy today. My baby bike is currently at Simpson's Cycles being tended to and given some decent cycle TLC. Was quite stressed going there after Google Maps sent me to the end of an industrial estate and across a fictitious railway crossing. Once there though, the chap talked me through what needs doing - replacement tyres (and inners), rear brake blocks, he's going to fix the broken spoke which is giving me a buckled wheel, and tweak the forward transmission so I can jump cog sets accurately! Hurrah!

In other highly-exciting news, the amazing Nottingham-duo Bent are coming out with a new album, called Intercept! Go to or for more details! Buy buy buy (Out end of Sept, and I can't wait!!)

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