Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Have been investigating the possibilities in the arena of Podcasting. From what I can gather, podcasts are rss feeds of mp3s. The BBC has been running a trial for some time now, making available a good selection (but by no means all) of their programmes for download. I have been messing about with IE7's RSS capabilities, but they appear, to use the technical description, to be pants. Therefore last night I ended up with Happy Fish, freeware product which appears to fulfil my requirements, i.e. to grab mp3 podcasts down on a schedule, and dump them automatically on to my lovely iRiver N11 mp3 player for me to listen to on the way to and fro work. Into work is the Radio 4 morning briefing, which makes me feel happy as I hear the time announcements ("the time now is a quarter past six") however late I am running, and for the way home I have discovered a "craft" beer channel in the US which features programmes about different kinds of beer! Tonight is Episode 48: More IPA!

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