Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beautiful London and my Friends

After a late start, we breakfast with Tom, then hop on the bus over to Archway to meet Dina, Adrian and Robin, friends from Uni. Dina meets us at Archway station, and drives us in her new car to Kenwood House, a stately home at the top of Hampstead Heath.


We enjoy tea in the beautiful surroundings, until Adrian and Robin turn up and switch us to beer.



Next bus back to Archway, then Northern line to Waterloo, hitting peak rush hour of course.

I try to buy the tickets to Twickenham, and find that it’s 4.90UKP cheap day return, or ten pounds if I use my “discount” card. Nice.

In Twickenham we head down to the riverside, across the river sits the Eel Pie Island.

This has to be one of the most beautiful places in England.

In the Eel Pie pub, Badger Breweries, Chris Fisher is waiting for us.

Not long afterwards Seamus, Boydie and Ali show up, then Tilly and Ruth, and later Helen. What a great bunch of people. If only England had such a reliable squad!

Seamus and Helen

Chris, Boydie and Ali

The great thing about watching England is you never know. We might win tonight, or we might be humiliated! That’s the fun!

Of course, we lose miserably, but by the end of the evening I’ve had enough Champion to not worry so much.

Blurred shots

We head out to Thames Tandoori, where I eat the spiciest food I’ve had in a while, India included!

The end of a good night is concluded with a night bus or two home, and we get back at about 3:30am!

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Chris Fisher said...

Fantastic, absolutely loved it