Sunday, September 23, 2007

Family, Broadband and Bed

We walk to Cannon Street.

We make the 17:30, and usually my brothers would be on it, but not today. Down to Chestfield, and we’re lucky to have seats as it’s next stop Chatham, 45 minutes later. Mum picks us up, and there are, of course, plenty o’ tears involved! She’s surprised I haven’t cut my hair! Mum now lives in a big house, which I haven’t been to before.

Spot the dog

What an oven!

Poppy, our lovely Golden Labrador, doesn’t remember me!

I fix Mum’s laptop, the old skills are still there!

We finish the evening with music and photos, before a nice sleep!

Broadband broadband everywhere

Back to London

Snowman for breakfast

Next morning we walk to station with our bags. Mum told us that we would need about 15 minutes with bags. This was slightly optimistic. We run the last five minutes. Not fun! Drop keys off with Auntie Joyce, whom I probably haven’t seen since I was in primary school!

On the train, hot and stressed, and up to London, to Grandpa Tom’s in West Hampstead.

London Underground

Grandma Daphne recognises me, despite her fears!

Gran tucks into the beers

We catch up, and in the background I get through a big blog session, thank goodness for decent broadband!

Tom’s well-stocked for beers, and I manage a few before my brothers turn up – my twin brothers Jonathan and Alex, and youngest Lewis. We go together to La Brocca, an Italian in West Hampstead which is one of Tom’s favourites.

Is that really rabbit?

Alex tucks into a family-sized pizza

Lewis and his friend Ritson

No time for conversation when there’s ice-cream..

..or wine left


It’s still good, and the food is too, including rabbit (Thuzar asks whether it’s really rabbit – Tom says it’s made in China), but by the time we’re back in the Mews, we’re all falling asleep. Not good for a bunch of twenty-somethings!

It’s 9:30pm, and Lewis (19) goes to bed!!! The rest of us hit the sack around midnight. Rubbish! So much for clubbing!

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