Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tourists in London Town

London Sightseeing


Out back

Bunk beds

It’s London Sightseeing Day! What are we going to do in a day? Tube down to Green Park, we walk along Piccadilly to the Circus!

The Malaysian C&R café for Mee Goreng, Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai, washed down with Iced Milo.

Next Chinatown,

through to Leicester Square then Trafalgar Square.

There’s some sort of hip hop gig going on in the middle.

Pigeons in front of the National Portrait Gallery.

Down the Mall to Buckingham Palace,

then across to Whitehall

and Parliament, Big Ben,

then Waterloo Bridge,

and back.

Downing Street

Next a bus up to TCR Virgin looking for the Monkey Swallows The Universe album again. They have 7 copies, I know this from the Piccadilly Circus branch checking for me, I grab two of them.

What on earth is that?!

We walk along to Oxford Circus, then hop on a bus up to Parliament Hill for the sunset.

Down through lovely Hampstead where I will surely live one day (?!)

Is this London?

to the Old White Bear pub.

to Finchley Road Sainsburys supermarket. Don’t think they have Sainsburys in Burma.

Next to LP’s recommended Seoul restaurant, a Korean not far away.

It’s pleasant and they’re friendly but has that “new restaurant” feel, everything a bit disorganised.

Thuzar’s not pleased that they charge for kimchi – but that’s the way it works everywhere outside of Korea.

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