Friday, November 30, 2007

Back to South Africa

Daytrip to Mafikeng

Catching up

Today we’re off to South Africa. Malebogo has some banking to do there, and it makes a nice break. I need my old passport with Botswana entry stamp, so Herbs takes me over to Thabiso’s Mum’s house to collect it. We’re just about to leave to head back when Thabiso calls.. “where the hell are you guys” etc. What a turnaround in fortunes. Sadly, Malebogo picks him up in her car, so he’s not made to wait a true “Thabiso” length of time! We use the time to pick up Girlie on the way back home.


The drive down is fairly uneventful, and it’s not long before I’m on to my new passport, hurrah. I watch nervously as the South African immigration chap slaps the visa sticker in, does he not realise that he needs to take care with those “first stamp” privileges?!

Mafikeng is a town which seems to largely have grown up so Botswanans can pop across the border for some decent (relatively) shopping – lots of big malls about. We’re primarily here because Malebogo needs to do some banking, having been here for several years at Uni. Whilst she does her banking, we wait in the car. I must admit to feeling slightly more on edge here. Too many damn white people about. Thabiso reckons I’m racist to my own kind.

For lunch, as we’re back to a sea-faring (or at least facing) nation, we go to Ocean Basket. Good to have seafood again, I go for the platter. Girlie hasn’t really had much seafood before, but to her credit she tries everything, and likes it.

On the way back there is some dispute as to who should be driving, but in the end it falls to Thabiso. Problem with this is that his stomach is misbehaving, so we end up having to make a stop for gas. Not of the petrol variety!

Quick stop

Shake it all about

In the mall before leaving, we had given each other (boy – girl) a task – buy a present for the other costing not more than 20 rand. Girlie got an ice-cube tray, and in return I received a pair of boxer shorts, which I proceeded to try out on the drive home.

They came off quickly though when Malebogo said I look like every other white guy who comes to Africa, has braids etc. Noooo, she thinks I’m a hippy!! We visit Thabiso’s Dad on the way back too, he’s friendly, and you can really see from both of Thabiso’s parents where he gets his happy easy-going nature.

Girlie heads off to Riverwalk to meet friends, with express instructions for me that I’m not to go there! Charmed, I’m sure! We hang around a bit at home before.. heading out to Riverwalk, to Spur, a restaurant upstairs that has truly shockingly bad service – it takes about 15 minutes to get a beer. Herbert mentions that Girlie was leaving when we arrived. Say what?! So we go downstairs to Linga Longa.

She has gone, and so after a couple of beers at Linga Longa we head to the inevitable Lizard Lounge.

Thabiso falls off his chair in excitement

At Lizard Lounge, Thabiso has trouble talking us in. It’s Wednesday night, the place is empty, and they still insist on charging us. Only when we’ve said we’re walking away do they finally let us in. They’re making enough money on drinks already, I don’t see why they should be charging us entry to an empty nightclub.

Back trouble or good dancing

Herbs has been up and down with his mood all evening, woman trouble of course, but finally perks up a little here.


Herbs cheering up

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