Friday, November 09, 2007

Breach, damn you!

After an evening of far too much booze at Hermanus Backpackers, with a red blend from the local Cape Bay winery, then many many beers over a pool competition, I enjoy a slow second day, starting with a cup of tea as the cleaning ladies enthusiastically watch their daily tv series drama on tv.

The hills behind town

After some coffee at Mung and Bean, I walk round the coast, looking for more whale action. There’s a coastal path for most of it, veering inland occasionally when some selfish house has been built right in front of the sea and has fenced off the way round the rocks.


There’s a really big swell again today, and the Irish boys were disappointed that even kayaking was cancelled. The sign on the trail says “be aware of wave action at all times”, this seems like very sensible advice watching the waves crash below me.

I find a nice bench and sit and enjoy. Of course, all the whales in the immediate area cease doing exciting things, unlike those in the distance. It was only after examining the following picture on my computer that I noticed what was happening in the background!

And a zoomed view for your benefit:

Yes, a whale jumping right out of the water, or more correctly breaching.

The golden moves

Most of what I see is pottering, with one pair playing around slightly, looping around each other and even seemingly trying to swim over the top of each other:

Back at the hostel, I try the local Chenin Blanc I picked up, then head out for dinner with Cape Towner Brian Fisherman’s Cottage.

Local seafood dining

I had the calamari, which was so tender that it really did melt in one’s mouth, then the kabeljou line fish, which was delicious, not bony, and plentiful. Unfortunately with my Panasonic camera out of action, I only have grainy cellphone photos of the food, so just take my word for it, it was good!

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