Saturday, November 10, 2007

On Buffalo Bay Beach

Breakfast comes too soon, but the Swedes still make an effort to prepare a good one. They’re going horse-riding, and Luca and I have a bus onwards. The girls wake Luca with an angelic choral song which they sing at volume next to his bed until he gets up – what an alarm clock!

Peanut butter, yucks

Goodbyes are said, then Luca and I wander the town for a while before our Baz bus arrives. For me, on to Buffalo Bay, Luca to Mosel Bay. Hopefully I’ll meet up with all of these guys soon – Luca is an absolute riot to be with, and the Swedes are great, really lovely people.


Happy Swedes


Buffalo Bay

LP says this about Buffalo: “a long, almost deserted surf beach, only a tiny enclave of holiday homes, a beach-shack backpackers and a nature reserve. That’s about it, and it’s more than enough.”

The hostel is like an over-grown beach hut, but it’s perfect, nestled in amongst sand dunes, with a view over rocks and the sea. There are no other buildings anywhere close – the small village is round the other side of the bay.

The Wild Side Backpackers Hostel

A good spot to read

I’m in a twelve person dorm, though there are six of us tonight (and just me the following night). Being rather tired, I go to bed for a quick siesta at about six, and don’t wake up..

Bed time

..until the following morning! What a marvellous sleep too! I chat to Danny, a Brazilian New Yorker who is heading off soon – we head round to the village to have a look.

Round to the village for the shop


The only shop stocks most things one might need, from surf boards to sugar. It has an ATM of sorts – it’s one of those machines you use to pay in restaurants mounted in a little booth – you swipe your card, enter pin, amount, then assuming it works (it didn’t for me), you take the paper receipt slip round to the shop office where they give you the cash! Anyway, my card was a no go, so I’ll have to try to get into Knysna tomorrow. I can still just about afford a Magnum ice-cream though :)

They also have a shark attack kit mounted on the wall. As Danny points out, it’s not something you’d invest in the first time. You’d have to be a dozen attacks in before at the weekly meeting someone suggests buying a “kit”!

Why do they need a kit?

In the afternoon I go for a dip in the water. Matthew in the hostel tells me the swmming is better the other side of the village, but I go close to the hostel. There are biiiiig old waves crashing in, but the biggest break further out. One finds though that even knee deep water here unseats you, as it is surprising how strong the current rips back and forth. I daren’t go in deeper than waste deep for fear of being swept out! It’s relatively warm though, certainly swimmable if you don’t worry about the sharks, drowning, or the strange snail-like things which crawl over the sand at the water’s edge!


Later, a pleasant evening is spent with a pair of couples, Dutch and Belgian, Matthew and myself, sat around the log fire in the middle of the large lounge area. It’s raining on and off outside, the wind has picked up and dark clouds cover the sky. All the more fun to be inside with good company. Another great night’s sleep..

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