Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eri Minoura Over

A few weeks ago Eri visited from Japan. Was great to see her, and over the two weeks she stayed in London we had lots of fun. Here are a random selection of the photos from that time.

Eri.. at 7:15am. It's a first.

Her gelati scanners quickly located the ice-cream

Post ice-cream happiness

Chomping in Pret

Tourist in the London Rain

The survivors of the Cy Twombly exhibition

Dinner on my balcony

Contemplating Jake and Natsuko

Teletubbies lawn

Eri... berry!

Eri... beery!

Na-chan and Jake


Spanish stepping



Streaky sky

Who doesn't like Bacon?

Synchronised lunacy

The Eriberry pose

Attack dog

Eating the inheritance

Nomad wandered in from desert

More berries



No boquerones

Is it a cake?

Yes it is

The band

Concentrating on the task in hand

Tick tick tick

Round and round

Banksy Alley

Entangled affairs

What day is today?

At Eri's Mecca - Marine Ices in Chalk Farm

Chopping the locks

Happiness with the soon to be Mum and Dad

Drowning in Richmond


Was sad to see her go, but there's always next year! Dewa mata-ne Eri-berry! x

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