Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Finn and Highgate Cemetery

My good friend Finn was over from Norway recently, and we met up in London. We wandered from my house, up past Abbey Road to Hampstead Heath then Highgate for the cemetery.

Abbey Road studios

Fame beckons for young Finn

Finn is already a famous rockstar in Norway after being randomly chosen at Øya Festival in Oslo by Devendra Banhart to come up on stage and perform solo! Here's a video of it.

Future album cover?

Highgate Cemetery
One of those famous London places that I've never been to in the 12 years or so I've lived here! Just shows you how much of London there is to get through!

Finn in Highgate Cemetery

There are of course many famous graves - the ones I was interested in were the famous Karl Marx one, and Douglas Adams, which we came to first.

Douglas Adams RIP

Random Graves

Peaceful walking


Around Marx there were all sorts of other leftie gravestones, which then progressed on to a anti-establishment journalism section - I came across Paul Foot, the investigative journalist who worked for Private Eye.

Paul Foot

Finally we head up to the Spaniard's Inn at the top of the Heath, dating from 1585, but more importantly serving some excellent beers and with a large and quiet (at this time) beer garden.

Well-earned pint

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