Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Preston Parade and Aldborough

My family live in Whitstable, or more specifically Seasalter, west around the bay, about half an hour's walk along the beach. Pippi and I headed down there recently with bikes.

Preston Parade

Hedge rigs up windsurf gear

Whilst the twins went windsurfing, Pippi, Dad and I cycled to Faversham along the coast road.

Dad tries his bicycle for the first time!

Pippi and Dad

Kissing horses, awwwww

The creek

Pursued by horses

One of whom caught up with me and chomped my saddle!

Was a fun ride, although Dad managed to get two punctures, not bad after about 5 miles, given that Lewis rode 160 on the same bike without a single one!

Out near the marshes

Making hay

Barges out in the Estuary

Beach huts

And inside our "beach hut"

Trampolene out front

Pond out back

Pippi put to work

Hot tub. Beer. Happy.

Even happier!

Collecting shells

In the evening, we had a BBQ.

The Beach Hut

Preston Parade

Lewis mans the BBQ

The twins, Alex and Jonathan


You say that, but..

Sunset on Preston Parade

Felicity's cake

More, Sir?

Won't last long

My Grandfather Cliff lives up in Sheringham. My usual strategy for visiting involves taking the train somewhere from London, then cycling up. This time I went to King's Lynn, and surprisingly my Network Rail card gets me a discount all the way up (cf Norwich, where it costs almost twice as much for a shorter distance from London, bloody National Rail!).

Anyway, Grandpa was in relatively good form, especially after eating!

Sheringham is a traditional English sea-side holiday resort, and as such does not lack for ice-cream!

Happiness.. an ice-cream!

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