Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Clash of the Capitals

Wasps Leinster
Went to see London Wasps play Leinster (Dublin) at Twickenham yesterday in a crucial Heineken Cup group game. Was a good match, with a nice balance of supporters in the stadium (33,000) and a close result, meaning tension till the very end, though we were sitting low down in the South stand. In all honesty you get a much better idea of what's going on watching on TV!

Unfortunately the wind was blowing away from us, so most of the action was at the other end of the pitch. Apparently the ref made several decisions against Wasps which were quite unfair.. which I read of afterwards in the Times!

Only try was a mighty fine one:

Josh Lewsey received the ball in the Wasps half then powered down the field past five defenders before firing a long pass to Sackey who got within a few yards of try line. Skivington tried to get over, but it was Betsen who finally succeeded. Converted by Danny Cipriani, though no sign of Kelly Brook on my lap as hoped for!

Glasto Rumours
Glastonbury line-up rumours abound right now.. My goodness I wished they'd just get it over with and put me out of my misery!

Let's have back some of my favourites from last year: Reverend and the Makers, Fun Loving Criminals, Jimmy Cliff, Emmy the Great, Kosheen, Amy Winehouse, and please please lord bring on Pink Floyd and Faithless! I wouldn't refuse to see Sigur Ros or Royksopp either. Other exciting rumours include Madness, Fleetwood Mac, Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys and much more.

Heathrow Expansion
Boris was on the tv this morning (here, 42:10 in) talking about the Heathrow plans, and I think he's got it spot on: London does not want an expanded Heathrow. Why does our unelected Prime Minister persist in trying to force this scheme down our throats? It's our city, let us decide!

Why spend huge amounts of money on a site that has no further expansion capability, is poorly connected in with national rail infrastructure, is surrounded by built up housing areas, with a flight path right over central London? As Boris says, it's "madness"!

We should be looking at real alternatives, either expanding Gatwick or Stansted, or this Estuary Airport scheme, linked in via HS1 to the continent and any future speedy trains we build (a mere 50 years or so after Japan and the rest of the world). Close Heathrow and use the space for some of the capital's housing needs.

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