Wednesday, January 14, 2009

EU Reintroduces Death Penalty through Lisbon Treaty

Interesting, eh? I missed the reintroduction of the death penalty in all EU states last year, buried as it is within the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights, [apologies, next few lines are in rant mode] part of the Lisbon Treaty which Gordon Brown decided to sign up for without a referendum, claiming that as the Irish had rejected it there was no need for us not to sign up, and it was all totally different from what had been rejected before by the French and Dutch (weasel behaviour of the first order).

Was there any reporting of this (the death penalty) on the BBC? No. Anyway, you can now be put to death again in times of "upheaval". Pre-Lisbon it was only permissable in times of war. Quite a legal difference, I'm sure you'll agree. Do the riots in Greece count as upheaval? Does a rally marching through central London count as upheaval? Those who end up on death row in Belmarsh will find out!

Matt never fails to capture the essence of the situation

Who is my MEP anyway, I wondered? Well it's one of these lot, though I have no idea which one is supposed to "represent" me. Maybe I've missed the point.

On an entirely separate theme:

One of the problems I face, running my life out of Outlook and my calendar, is the Multiple Days Reminder All Day Event Sleep Deprivation System. What's that, you ask?

Many of my Outlook events, like birthdays, or days where the whole day is turned over to an activity are recorded as all day events, that is to say they run from 00:00 to 23:59. Fine. However, my standard reminder for events, 3 days, is just that - a reminder 3 days in advance. This therefore generally triggers at midnight.

Now it's not that often that I am asleep before midnight, but if I am, I can be sure to be woken up at midnight, just in case I'd forgotten that in three days time it's an ex-colleague's birthday. Thanks!

So my proposal is - can someone write a plug in for Outlook that will postpone mobile reminders if they occur between 10pm and 6am or so?

Make Some Noise on Super Sunday

And in other news... need some churching up? Speed gospel, it's the way forward!!

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