Sunday, August 02, 2009

Watch My Pickpocket Live!

Last night in NY I had my company phone stolen. Interestingly they're still using it, and you can watch its progress on the left (for now), as I have Google Latitude enabled on it, which reports the phone's location. As they're using the device rather than just the SIM, I'm assuming that they aren't making any calls, as it has a password. Watch its progress on the left, it's in Staten Island now! I'm off to see the NYPD!

After visiting the station near my hotel I realised that there was no point in explaining to the police about Google Latitude and how I knew where the phone was within a couple of hundred yards. I'll just have to solve the crime by tracking them down myself next time I'm in New York. Hey! Scumbag who lives on the corner of South Avenue and Richmond Terrace in Mariner's Harbour, Staten Island, New York! I've got your number!

They live just near the red dot in the bottom left

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Anonymous said...

ring them and ask for a meet...