Monday, November 13, 2006

And on the 25th Day... Rest!

Day 25
The plan for today is to do nothing. Room was chaos after I emptied all bags on to bed and floor, it's now sorted. Muscles slowly aching less. I seem to have a load of spots where my pack was rubbing into my shoulders. Strange. Still drying stuff. Bright sunshine but wind today. Here's the view from my bed:

Later gonna head out to Chilli Heaven - apparently their Rogan Josh is a bit on the spicy side of things, and as my stomach has just returned to normal it's time to test it out again!

Update: Rogan Josh turned out to be a vege curry?? I thought it was a lamb thing? And wasn't that spicy, which I remarked to the owner. So he brought out his special chilli ball things, called Aji Charapita. These were small vegetables, a bit like a cross between a pea and a tomato, which had come from the Peruvian jungles. This chap had then marinaded them with vinegar and chillis for a while in a jam jar, and they were ready. They tasted slightly sweet and vinegary, and very very hot. Within a minute of eating a few, it was jacket off (the restaurant was cold initially!), and after a minute or more I was mopping my brow! Just what the doctor ordered. All was well until I decided to eat one of the chillies right at the end, so left the restaurant and wandered back to my hotel with my mouth burning and heart thumping away!

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