Thursday, November 30, 2006

Day trip to Laguna Churup

Went up to Lake Churup today, a pretty lake in the mountains above where I'm staying.
No GPS reference cos the damn battery had died!

Rushed back for my Spanish lessons! I've had four lessons so far. They're with a girl called Jenny who is an Engineering student at the local University, but does these lessons (organised via the lodge) for some extra income. They cost $5 per hour, and are quite enjoyable, though I do get set homework (tarea). Jenny is very patient fortunately, as I am not the most well-versed and eloquent Spanish speaker yet! I wish I had started some lessons before going trekking, as the knowledge I have now would have been very useful, especially in the Huayhuash. I'm up to speed with a long list of verbs now and can conjugate to my heart's content. I haven't done tenses yet, and vocabulary leaves much to be desired. Still, with a combination of what I've learnt already, plus taking French or Italian words and "Espanolising" them, I can get most meanings across! As Tony, one of the Australian couple staying here said, all you need to do is take the English word and stick an "o" on the end and it usually works! Anyway, tonight's homework is to write 10 sentences (oraciones) using directions and 12 using the imperative!

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