Monday, November 13, 2006

Where next?

The way I always lived my life at COLT was that the morning I returned from a holiday, I would (in my personal time only - cough), fire up IE and book the next flight. Unless I had something with my surname floating about in the Sabre system, I would feel completely down. Now, that's not so much of an issue any more, but my thoughts do occasionally turn to what I will do at the end of the year. Not so much in terms of settling down etc, more where I would still like to travel.

Here's the map as it will be at the end of the year, assuming I do roughly what I plan to do:

So to me, the places that still interest me are:
1. The Middle East - obviously pending any political situation, this is a fascinating area with so much history
2. Africa - I'm never been so hung up on the whole "safari" thing, but I have been enthused by all of the people on my Gecko tour in Egypt all raving about their travels round this continent.
3. Asia - I just can't get enough of it!
4. West Coast US - I'd like to do a road trip at some point
5. Bit of Europe - have never been to Greece, Turkey, Iceland or Portugal.
6. Island paradises anywhere! Caribbean, Maldives if I get married before they've sunk, anywhere with beaches, sunshine, palm trees and happiness :)
7. Dear old England. Often neglected, but really one of the most beautiful places in Earth, and somewhere I tend to take for granted.

So there's still plenty to do. Whether this will factor into my second RTW trip (commencement date: the day this one finishes, hehe), will be a conversation with my bank manager when I get back!!

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