Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bring on the computers

One feels moved to ask: What is the point?

Royal Oak Ticket Office Opening Hours

And the worse bit is that outside these hours, the staff are there, hidden away in their office drinking tea, they just don't bother manning the ticket window. Lazy sods.

Still, even though the service is awful, at least the art is interesting! Does this hollow loaf say something about what TfL offers?:

My vote would be beefing up river transport, let's have major ***and travelcard inclusive*** river services between Docklands and Greenwich, to town, and out West.

Incidentally if you're interested in sub-terranean London, check out this site here: http://www.sub-urban.com/ - these guys are crazy, getting access to and following the drains and tunnels that criss-cross London (and elsewhere), and recording photographically what they see.

1984 on National Express East Anglia

To read more about London and its transport development, I'd recommend London Reconnections, a fantastic blog which discusses the whole scene in fascinating detail.

Views of Randolph Avenue

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