Friday, March 06, 2009

My First Randonnée

J'ai terminé ma première randonnée!

4th March 2009, I cycled 148.03 miles from my home in London up to Aldborough in North Norfolk. It took the whole day! The randonée distance, 200km, was passed as I left Dereham, well within the 13.5 hours time that is allocated (14 hours for UK).

What do the words 'Randonnée' and 'Randonneur' mean?
'Randonnée' is a French word which loosely translates to 'ramble or 'long journey' - it's not really cycling-specific, but in this context is taken as a long cycle ride.
A 'Randonneur' is a person who has completed a recognised 200 kilometre ride.

Okay so it wasn't an official AUK event, but I'm still quite happy. Eventually Herrington will catch up!

The ride wasn't without issue, in fact I'm beginning to think that my bike is getting to the age where everything but the frame needs replacing! I had a string of punctures, and another spoke has gone, meaning I had to ride the last few dozen miles in with a dodgy rear wheel and no back brakes (especially fun for going down the hill into Sheringham the following day!).

Here is the route:

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The highlights: Beautiful scenes with scores of swans along the Lea Valley in the sunshine, seeing my father's old school, and completing the randonée.

The lowlights: Cycle computer refusing to congratulate me on the 100 mile mark as I traversed Thetford Forest, and the Red Lion in Aldborough being closed when I arrived!

Following day, with no intention of cycling back (!), I popped in to see Grandpa Cliff in Sheringham before taking the train back.

Grandpa Clifford Crawley

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Sam Crawley said...

Of course, 200km is just the entry level for Audax! These guys are something else. I'll make do with this ride for now though, at least until my right ankle starts working again, and my bike is fixed!