Monday, March 02, 2009

Emmy the Great and Salty Beef

Emmy the Great

Emmy the Great played a free gig at Rough Trade Records off Brick Lane this evening. Set up at the back of the store is a small stage which they use to showcase artists that presumably have their CDs for sale in store. First we had Ex Lovers, a five piece band who had technical problems from the word go, with feedback and mics at wrong levels, to the point where they walked off and let the sound engineer have another go. The rest of the set was still plagued with feedback and equipment failure, but to be honest I wasn't that bothered as they didn't impress. Following them was Eugene McGuinness who I saw at Glasto, full of fast upbeat songs with cheeky lyrics. Worth keeping an eye on.

Then what we were here for! Emmmmy!

Emmy the Great

Emmy came on stage and solo with her guitar launched straight into Easter Parade. We were treated with a little of the famous Emmy banter, but not much. Look out for her album, First Love, and for a Glastonbury appearance, fingers crossed.

Emmy the Great

She finished with a song which she said was hers and Eugene's, but her ex boyfriend was releasing it, or something? Need to do some googling and will update this. Was a beautiful beautiful song though, and a lovely ending to a set that was good but too short.

Emmy the Great's Website / Myspace

***Turn away now, my Hindu friends*** :)

Salty Beef Beigels
At one end of Brick Lane, at number 159, you will find a food treat that is unexpected in a road full of Bengali food (unless you know a little history, that is).

The place you need to go (beware imitations)

For GPB 3.30 you get a bagel (sorry, beigel) rammed with a shocking amount of beef - my slab must have been about 2 inches deep, and it's so tender that it melts on your lips, falling apart with juicy tenderness as it hits your tongue!

A Salty Beef Beigel

To be clear, this is not about the bagel. I'm prepared to risk violence in saying that I don't rate the bagels, or at least not the one I had. It was all about the contents. I am prepared to be corrected on this point during a future visit.

A Salty Beef Beigel from the other side

Nom nom nom nom!

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