Sunday, December 03, 2006

Good bye Churup and Huaraz

Last day here today. Packed up, and Juan kindly let me keep the room till the evening.

Advanced electronic booking system or just chatting on MSN?

Of course, he didn't tell me this until I'd finished packing and brought my things down to the luggage store! Headed into town to pick up a few things, including cash for my bill here. It seemed like there was a small festival happening, but I couldn't make head or tail of it!

Much silly dancing was had

Tried to DHL a package back to the UK, but it seems that DHL only deliver here, they don't pick up. Interesting concept! So Serpost, the Peruvian service, it was..

Then back to finish my Spanish homework before the final lesson with Jenny. I have really enjoyed my classes, as fortunately Jenny is extremely patient, so even though I make the same mistakes again and again, she doesn't get annoyed and corrects me (my top mistakes, I think, are 1. whether to put "a" or not before verbs and places 2. leaving out the articles, i.e. el or la and 3. being totally unable to pronounce por ejemplo, anything that requires rolling "r"s and lo llevo).

I feel tall all of a sudden!

Leaving on a Moviltours overnight bus to Lima tonight. Costs 55 soles for the "deluxe" seats downstairs, and bus takes 7-8 hours, I think. First am heading out to Cafe Andino for a final Trout Salad.

Whenever I say the word "trout" in Spanish (trucha), people laugh at me. Apparently my pronounciation is remarkably similar to a slang word for a part of the female anatomy. Will miss the bunch here, especially Juan and Paulino, who have been so friendly and helpful from the minute I arrived. One of my first memories on walking into Churup was Paulino offering to carry my bag upstairs to my room for me. I figured as I was intending to go trekking, this would be something of a cop-out. We compromised on him carrying my Footprint South America guide up for me! It was the second floor, after all.

Juan standing on a ladder ;) I'll forgive him for the Israeli girl one day!

Paulino, the man who can get you anywhere in the Cordilleras Blanca or Huayhuash.

If you ever come to Huaraz, I cannot commend Albergue Churup enough to you.

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