Tuesday, December 12, 2006

An easy day..

But first.. the sunset from yesterday, as witnessed from my bedroom window:

Today an easy day, climbed up to an Inca sun clock thingie (Horca del Inca) above town..

At the third stroke, the time sponsored by the Sun god will be..

Yet another view of Copacabana, looking forwards the Isla del Sol

..after my Full English Breakfast at Cafe Bistrot (it was their cappuccino that drew me back!). Bought some stamps. Much cheaper here than in Peru. There a postcard costs £1 to send! Here it's more like 35p, though this has been provided to me as 4 x 1.50B stamps, leaving enough space on card for about 5 words (I have no doubt that the intended recipients will be grateful to the Bolivian Correo Service for this small mercy.

Wandered through the Cathedral too. Moorish style, heavily renovated apparently.

This afternoon I've spent lazing in a hammock in one of the three gardens that La Cupula has, all overlooking the bay. The gardens are well tended, but occasionally a local woman seems to let her sheep go crazy in them, and of course they charge round eating all the flowers!

The odour carries against the prevailing winds

I've also started planning Patagonia. It's complicated!! Patagonia is spread between Argentina and Chile, and so I expect I will have to flit between the two during my treks, which sounds awkward. Still, the pictures in the book suggest that it will all be worth it..

Stereo sushi

Here's how I envisage Jan and Feb:

10th Jan Fly Buenos Aires to Patagonia
12th Trek Laguna Tigre Sur 2 days, Trek Reserva National Shoen 2 days, both from Villa O Higgins
19th Trek Around Monte Fitz Roy 3 days, Trek Laguna Torre 2 days, both from El Chalten
25th Jan El Calafate - Daytrip to Glacier Moreno
28th Trek Paine Circuit 8 days, trek Pingo Zapata 2 days, both from Puerto Natales

12th Feb Boat from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt - 4 days
16th Travel through Northern Chilean Lake District
21th Visit La Serena Astronomical Observatories
23rd Feb Port Valparaiso
25th Feb Santiago
28th Feb Fly Santiago to Easter Island

The boat sounds interesting but list prices on their site (www.navimag.cl) are pretty expensive, and it is peak season so no discounts likely. For a 2nd class single for one person it's about $1600!! The cheapest is a shared bunk with about 20 people for $375? I'll have to find out if I can take a quarter of a 4-person room in 2nd class.. unlikely..

Finally, here's an example of the popcorn stuff I've been waffling on about.. check the even bigger bag inside the door!

Hermetically sealed for freshness

Tomorrow back to the Isla del Sol...

People, friends and family aside (of course):

Travel Highlights So Far
The waves lapping against my window in Mauritius
Donkey ride up the Valley of the Kings in Egypt
Some of the views in the Cordillera Huayhuash in Peru
Beautiful weather at Lake Titicaca, Copacabana and the Isla del Sol, Bolivia
The buzz in central Buenos Aires, Argentina

Things I Miss
My Hifi, lovely lovely speakers and CD collection
King of the Hill DVDs
Safe drinking water
English ales
Starbucks, Cotto's, and MBs around COLT!

Unintended Experiences
Bleached haze, dusty streets of Lima, my eye travels
Taking in, music on the canal
Heavy cargo and confusion on the bridge
Memories abound, journeys past, favoured crews
My boat today Cruz del Sur, tomorrow plane
Pilot out, cold in the heat
Many locks more till my home port is built.

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