Monday, December 04, 2006

Lima - Some Observations

There are some very pretty girls about! I stood outside the LAN (Airline) offices for half an hour from 8:30am until their opening time of 9am. Let's just say I think it's where they do their hostess training too. Flight dates confirmed for hitting Japan on 9th April in A class, aye.

Pedestrian crossings, where they exist, have little meaning here!

It's always cloudy first thing, but by 11am the sun is shining and the sky is blue.

I managed to book my bus ticket for today by internet! Who would have thought! Still, I'll probably get to the terminal and be greeted with a "que?" and blank looks! Am on the 13:30 bus to Nasca, which takes about 6 hours? Hopefully will be taking a tiny plane over the desert tomorrow morning, before heading across to Cusco.

Checkout time at Loki is 12:00 mediadia. Good work fellas! Another recommended place.

I don't know if Banco de la Nation is like a post-office sort of bank account that everyone has, but the queues outside all of the branches - here, Huaraz, are always fantastic. Wonder why people don't switch to one of the other banks (I tend to use BBVA).

Have bought lens cleaning kit in the hope that I will be able to do something about the blotches on almost every (thought bizarrely not all?) photos from dear old Sony.

Ooh, have also booked a flight to Iguassu Falls. Yeah yeah, I know I could have taken the bus. What can I say, I'm lazy. The only irritating aspect is that I could have booked it online for about half the price, but the damn web site wouldn't accept non-Brazilian credit cards! Apparently this is something they will be changing soon. Thanks a bunch TAM!

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