Sunday, December 03, 2006

Why is nothing easy?!

I'm staying in Inca House, aka Loki Backpackers, right in central Miraflores in Lima.
[GPS: 12.11980S, 77.02865W] (Paste those numbers into the Go box on Google Earth)

Two names, so you assume the taxi driver is taking you somewhere else!

Got a single room with four beds in it. Slightly suspicious that it is a dorm room with three other gringos waiting to be sprung on me. Have en-suite bathroom, and it's costing 36 soles per night. The bathroom accounts for 6 of these. Seems a bit cheap. Anyway, I have no mobile reception in my room, despite being bang in the middle of town, and worse, I have a slight wireless signal, not enough to be useful, except... in my bathroom where I have full signal! Email on the toilet here we come! Breakfast starts at 7am.

Free stays if you man the bar!

The bus was not especially comfortable, but uneventful. Even in the "VIP" area downstairs, there's still woefully in adequate legroom. Peruvians tend to be fairly small, hence there are dangers everywhere for anyone who is a a bit tall (alto), including shop and bar signs that are only about 6 feet high, low chandeliers (I had one favourite in Churup that my forehead attacked daily), and of course, no leg room anywhere. Remember that even for small collectivo buses, sometimes journeys can go on for several hours, which is not nice when your knees are in your face! Anyway, I'm now feeling shockingly tired having not really slept, but of course the Crawley "New place, must see everything" instinct is beginning to rise up!! Dammit!

Maybe just five minutes sleep....

Up and out later. They seem like a friendly bunch here, and they've got a nice big open terrace area on top, not with a view, but it's good to have it anyway.

This area of Lima is a suburb called Miraflores. It's definitely the place to stay, rather than Lima central.

Pretty houses, nothing like this in the centre!

Feels much safer, is full of tourists and locals, and bars, cafes restaurants, and the beach!
[GPS: 12.13192S, 77.03050W]

Hurrah! Sea level at last!

There's a shopping centre by the beach, which has lots of eateries and shops, some of which are somewhat unfortunately named:

I found my beloved Starbucks. No green tea frapp, so I made do with a mocha frapp.

Of all the coffee shops in all of Lima..

Went down very nicely as I browsed my Footprint and tried to work out what on earth I'm going to do at Xmas...

Then time for some food. Visited a recommended-by-the book sushi joint called Moroko Sushi. Was nice, but meal cost 1/3 more than my room for the night including breakfast! Oops!

Good to taste wasabi again.

Back to lodge. Tomorrow am going to try to fix some more dates for my RTW ticket. Iberia... Hmmm.. Are they capable? We shall see...

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