Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Nasca Lines

Bus from Lima here took about 7 hours. Only half the time that tonight's bus will take! 14 hours. 14 hours on the bus to Cusco. Lord help me. I'm bored just thinking about it! (Bored = aburrido).

Loadsa room

On the bus here, once it had mostly emptied out after Ica, the hostess asked me to correct her translation of all their spiel they give you over the intercom, including help with pronounciation. Meanwhile my main backpack was almost literally being cooked under the bus - it was uncomfortably hot to touch when I picked it up! We also passed lots of fish processing factories. Seriously stinky!

Something fishy...

Staying in Hostel Via Morburg, recently renamed to The Way On Inn (haha). Seems to be a Flemish chap running it, but not sure who owns it. They have a pool which is apparently freezing, so I haven't risked it. Spent yesterday evening watching an American crime soap called The Shielf, starring a chap who is clearly the American answer to err, not Phil, the other Mitchell from Eastenders. Hostel is a nice friendly place, but like Raju's Pokhara Palace Hotel, there is lots of noice in the neighbourhood, including a thumping club which didn't close till the early hours (who would have thought in this sleepy town!), someone detonating firecrackers at midnight, and a huge number of cockerels and other miscellaneous birds which all love to celebrate dawn!

We're going up, will we come down?

Where's the rest of it?

Left hotel at 6:50am for flight over the Nasca Lines. $45 for about 20-30 minute flight. Smallest plane I'd ever been in - took 5 passengers maximum.

Examining the pilot's bald patch in great detail

Yes it's that easy to leave the plane..

Flight was great, and the lines are very impressive, but I spent at least half the flight feeling very queasy as the plane banked sharply to the left and right so we would get good views.

The astronaut

The hummingbird

Very glad to return to land! It's quite amazing that the Panamerican motorway goes straight through the middle of the lines, as they weren't known about when the road was built.

The road must go on..

Right, time to prepare myself for the 14 hour bus marathon. Groan! If only I had every episode of King of the Hill to watch! Will! Get burning those DVDs!!

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